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There are many obvious reasons we can think of as to why you should get Pardoned in Canada, but it is mainly the reason we cannot foresee that may be most important. 

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What is a Pardon?

A Canadian Pardon gives people with criminal records in Canada a "Second Chance in Life" by clearing their entire criminal record. 

We always ensure the process is hassle-free and we will do all of the work on your behalf from start to finish so that you can be certain it is done right the fist time and your pardon application is approved.

New Canadian Pardon Rules

Due to the intricacy and complexity of the Pardon application process introduced by Bill C-10, it is recommended that any individual applying for a pardon (record suspension) or seeking more information call a professional consultant.

The new Canadian pardon rules have tailored changes to the older pardon process to reflect a higher level of complication in the system.
These changes as per the new Canadian pardon rules, include changes to eligibility criteria, increased documentation and subjectivity.

Policy on Retention and Removal of Criminal Records

Criminal Records will be maintained until the subject of the record is 80 years old with no criminal activity reported in the last 10 years, except where the subject:

In each of these instances, the criminal record is maintained until:

Policy On Removal Of Criminal Records

Absolute Discharges

Conditional Discharges